Return to Worship Survey – Due Friday

We want to know your thoughts on returning to in-person worship. The
following link will give you some basic information about returning, and three
short questions to answer. Your input is valued! If you have not taken the
survey yet this week, please do so by Friday evening. We will review your input
this weekend.


Small Group – Gardening

our church continues its mission of loving God and loving others, we will be continuing
with small groups in a safe manner.  We are now starting a Gardening
Group, first virtually then perhaps more in person this summer.  If you
are interested in learning more about gardening and sharing your gardening
ideas with others, please consider joining this group.  All meetings will
be socially responsible (either online or social distancing outside).
Please contact Dani Jacoby if you are interested at either or 937-287-4077.

Scripture for Reflection – Proverbs 17:6

Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the
glory of children is their parents.

Reflection – Grandparents and Elders

Like many, I have been thinking about our aged population. We
have been hearing the phrase ‘at risk population’, and ‘people over 60 with
underlying medical conditions’, in conjunction with the COVID-19 safety
procedures. Certainly, this is a group we want to protect physically, and I for
one appreciate the important reminder that my attentiveness to precautions to
maintain my own health can also help protect others, especially the most vulnerable.

I believe there is an emotional benefit to growing old.
Grandchildren, as the scripture asserts, are a wonderful gift which many get to
enjoy in their latter years. But honestly, I am a little saddened by those
grandparents who have already or who will be missing out on graduation
ceremonies and parties.

As we move into Memorial Day weekend, I am also reminded of
this: The longer we live, the more difficult it is to escape losing loved ones.
Most of the aged have lost parents. Some have lost spouses, siblings and even

Grandchilden, and for some, great grandchildren, represent
renewal. And while the light may often seem to shine more brightly on the
young, there is still a light which shines brightly on the crown of the aged.
They have a crown which glistens with jewels of experience; of hardship
endured, of joys celebrated, and of faith lived with courage. They possess a
crown illumined by God’s light.


Great God in heaven, we give you thanks for our elders, our
grandparents, for those who have walked the long journey of life and faith.
Help us remember them in a special way today and this coming weekend. Amen.