Ministry Updates for Friday, May 1st, 2020

Scripture for Reflection – Psalm 46:10

Be still and know that I am God

Reflection – A Break in the Noise

If we were to ask a sound effects team to give us background soundtrack for Psalm 46, it would be loud. The Psalm (which you may want to read in its entirety) speaks of earthquakes, waters roaring and foaming, gathering armies, nations in an uproar, kingdoms tottering, the earth ‘melting’ (whatever that means), and the destruction of the implements of war by God. This Psalm is loud.

The invitation to ‘Be still and know that I am God’ is an invitation sent into chaos.

For special family events, we would gather at my grandmother’s house in Cincinnati. There were 7 adults and 11 grandchildren (9 boys) spanning ten years, all packed into her basement, the only room large enough for us all to fit at one table. As you descended the stairs there was a sign you could not miss: ‘Be Still and Know That I Am God’. I wonder if she put it up just for these special events.

Storms and onslaughts come in varying speeds. A tornado can do its damage easily in seconds. A thunder storm is measured in minutes or hours. A hurricane can last days. A global pandemic is measured in months. The exterior noise varies, but the internal noise is real. Fear, anger, disorientation, anxieties, and interrupted connection with loved ones can set our minds spinning. ‘Storms’ of a more personal nature have this effect too.

Psalm 46 invites us, amid chaos, to gather ourselves and remember who is in charge.

Meditation can be defined in different ways. One way for me is simply about listening. It is what I do when I do not know what to pray for or ask for, when I don’t know what comes first, when my thoughts are scattered, when my brain literally feels ‘hot’. I know I need help from above. This is my time to stop, breathe deep, and open a channel with God. I do not believe God requires it, but it is helpful to me if I get on my knees. I listen, and if answers do not come, peace does.


God above the storm, God above the noise, God above the racing thoughts in my head, sometimes I do not know what to pray. When I have more than I can handle, and feel I do not have time for prayer, help me stop, take a breath, be still and know you are God. Help me trust you are powerful, loving, and can handle what I am not able to. Give me the next right thing to do, so I may walk in peace and serve you with joy. Amen.