Ministry Updates for Monday, October 26th, 2020

 Worship – October 25th – 11:00am In-Person

We are no longer requiring a reservation system for in-person worship. We will reinstate it when our attendance gets closer to 40.

Halloween – Beggar’s Night in Farmersville

Taking the kids out for Beggars night? Please stop by the church for candy and hot chocolate. We look forward to seeing you, your kids, and the costumes. (Beggar’s Night is Saturday, October 31st, from 6 to 8.)

 Scripture – I John 4:19

We love because he first loved us.

 Reflection – God’s Initiating Love

‘Praise God from whom all blessings flow’, is something I have sung almost every Sunday of my life. To be honest, and this is off topic, I feel certain that is the only time I ever use the word ‘whom’. Once a week.

 Everything really does start with God… the universe, the stars and the sun that warms our planet… the earth which provided a place for the first people to set their feet toward adventure, and lay their heads down at the end of the day.

 Is there something missing in your life? I am not talking about tangible things, necessary though they are. I am talking about intangibles like love, faith, courage, hope, enthusiasm. People who possess these things are certainly to be emulated.

 Like most of us, I sometimes get drained of these wonderful intangibles. I need to be renewed, refilled, rewound, and re-energized. These are blessings which flow from God.

 How? Through prayer. Through reading scripture and devotionals. Through the faithful people of God’s church who are excited about sharing from their abundance. Through reading histories of those great saints of the church. Through sabbath and rest.

 These all flow from God who does not skimp, and whose blessings are endless.


God of all creation, God who is the source of all that matters, we take this moment to ‘Praise God from whom all blessings flow’, as we so often sing in church. We are thankful You call us to turn to You when we need those ‘things’ which are not touchable or tradable, but which make all the difference in our daily living. Today Lord, help me ask for the faith, the hope, the love, the enthusiasm, or whatever ‘intangible’ I am missing, trusting that when we empty ourselves out, you fill us again, out of your abundant love. Amen.