Ministry Updates for Thursday, September 17th, 2020

 The Missions Team has set up a Meal Train for The John Ulrich Family.  As you may know, Danielle Ulrich has been on our prayer chain with medical issues.  If you would like to prepare and deliver (contact free please) a meal for John, Danielle and family, please go to and sign up.  

Today’s Contribution is from Carman Helsinger, member and church organist.

Scripture – Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.

Reflection – What I CAN do

I’m tired of these “I can’ts!”

I can’t go to church.

I can’t physically reach out.

I can’t extend the handshake of peace.

I can’t hug. 

I miss my church family!

I’m tired of this!

This pandemic has continued longer than I expected. It is unprecedented.


It has reminded me of what my church family brings to my life.

It reminds me of blessings I took for granted…

I enjoyed looking around the congregation and seeing friends and family.

I enjoyed greeting those that I only see on Sunday.

I enjoyed sharing blessings and concerns.

I enjoyed praying with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I enjoyed singing praises to God.

I enjoyed hearing the harmony of voices lifted in praise.

I enjoyed watching the little ones being embraced by the congregation.

I enjoyed watching our young people grow spiritually and physically.

I enjoyed hearing the wisdom of the more mature.

I enjoyed seeing the peace on the faces.

Remember the song, “Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand”, sung by Diana Ross?

It’s my challenge concerning my Church.

 This song reminds me that I can reach out. 

I can call my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I can email them. 

I can text them. 

I can write notes,

I can send cards.

I can “Reach out and Touch Somebody’s Hand”.

I don’t know why we are having this pandemic. I don’t know how long it will last.

But, I do know God holds us in His hands.


I can help others through it or I can have a pity party.

I can lift others up or I can wonder where they are for me.

The choice is mine. 



God of hope, God of Freedom, God of love, in this time where it is so easy to see what we cannot do, we give you thanks for the reminder that there is always something we can do. Help us pray with belief. Help us find ways to serve others. Help us be strong and patient and continue to do the right thing. You have helped us persevere through challenging times before. We give you thanks for the hope and the tools which will help us persevere through this challenge, too. We are filled with peace and comfort knowing you hold us in your hands. Amen.