Scripture for Reflection – Psalm 46: verses 1 and 10
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

“Be still, and know that I am God. . . .”

Reflection – Be Still

Social distancing is now a reality due to coronavirus. Schools shuttered. Church services canceled. Sports activities stopped in their tracks. Visits to restaurants, fitness centers, retirement communities put on hold. Everything from movie theaters to political gatherings eerily silenced.

As a result, we’re giving up treasured activities and focusing on what matters. It’s strangely similar to what we’ve been asked to practice each year during Lent – social distancing designed to bring insight, compassion, healing, and connection. Except we have more reasons than ever to follow through this year.

Here are a few ways we might respond to “Be still, and know that I am God.”

·         Silence the airwaves for a time and give quietness time to speak

·         Listen with expectation and without judgment

·         Discover inspiration daily in the Psalms, Proverbs or Ecclesiastes

·         Practice compassion to counter the belittling rants of politics and dogma

·         Plant flower seeds, then observe the mystery and beauty of life unfold

·         Wash your hands with reverence (and soap) for at least 20 seconds

·         Pray without words: walk reflectively, listen to nature, breathe in God.

May you live in the stillness with meaning this Lenten season.


Dear God, create a clean heart within me. Please bring us comfort, peace, and healing in these troubled times. In the stillness, help us find compassion and healing for ourselves and others, guided by your love and mercy for all. Amen.

–       The preceding devotion was contributed by Dan Lee, a Farmersville UMC member.

Ministry Updates

CAMP is organizing a food distribution to happen again next Tuesday (March 24th), at the Farmersville Fire House, 207 N. Elm St.; 4-6 pm to assist any and all families that have concerns about having extra food to feed their children for breakfast and lunch during the school shut down. Bags are being packaged with essentials to help with this temporary situation. You do not need to get out of your car, as there will be a drive-through. No paperwork to fill out! Volunteers will assist with loading. If further help is needed, contact CAMP at 937-751-6235.

**If anyone has extra toilet paper to share, the food pantry is in need** 

All church events are canceled until further notice

The Spring Dinner is postponed until further notice

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