Ministry Updates for Tuesday, August 18th, 2020

 Note: The following is contributed again by Sarah Helsinger.

 Education – Part 2 of 2

Here we are in August and I will be going back for professional development, from my classroom in isolation, for three days.  It’s sad to say not much from my first “Faith Connections” has changed (see yesterday or March 17th Faith Connection), except the fact the teachers do NOT KNOW THESE NEW STUDENTS.  I have no relationship with these 150 students enrolled in my classes.  I do not know who has the great laugh or lacks confidence and can’t look you in the eye.  I have not spent 6 months with these students to know who works hard to keep their grade up, and the one who throws it together to just get it done.  I will not know who possibly has a poor homelife because they wear the same clothes every day or the student that travels every weekend to the “lake” to their second home.  These are all things that teachers learn by being with the kids EVERYDAY.  We can’t get this from a zoom call or by asking “get to know you questions”. 

I love change, and I can never have more than 5 days planned because I adjust depending on how the lessons are going.  But this is not the change I am excited about.  Will good come out of this?  Absolutely, teachers are becoming more tech savvy, which this generation of students need, and many have needed to change their techniques anyway!

There is no right way to re-open school where everyone will be happy and feel safe.  Please continue to pray for administrators making the decisions that change daily, teachers who are attempting to create meaningful lessons, parents who are trying to find childcare, and the students who need a safe structure in their life.  Within our church we have several teachers, a lot of school age kids and several college students.  Please lift each of them up in prayer the next several weeks as they each begin a new adventure!

Scripture for Reflection – Proverbs 8:10

Take my instruction rather than silver, and knowledge rather than choice gold.


Lord, we give you thanks for the gift of these amazing minds you have given us, and for the gift of education, which draws out this gift. Please provide teachers and administrators the patience, endurance, and self-confidence to persevere in this difficult time. Please help the administrators, teachers, parents, and the students make good decisions, and to feel as safe as possible, knowing your love and protection is with them. Amen