Ministry Updates for Tuesday, June 9th, 2020

 The following contribution is from Donna Thie

Scripture for Reflection:  Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

 Reflection – A Faith Worth Sharing

We are reminded every Sunday during the closing of our Face Book Live Service, “we have a faith worth sharing – go out and share it”.  How do we share our faith?  Of course, that begs the other question, what is faith and how am I to share it?  Over the years, I had often thought about how to talk about my faith with others.  Did I do it correctly?  Did that mean I needed to provide testimony, invite them to church, quote scripture, etc.  Then I heard the Dwight Pryor quote of “in your going, make disciples of Jesus”.  What that said to me was that I needed to share my faith as I go through my day, my life and in a way that is honest and sincere.

That turned out to be very reassuring to me and now I try to make a more deliberate effort to share my faith as part of my daily interactions with people. As part of my commitment to “share my faith” I was forced to reflect on those times that God was there for me, that my faith in a power greater than myself was at work and that I need to trust things would work out, which also became part of my “as you go”.

My daily interactions may consist of a conversation which is intentionally caring and real. It might be a smile, a wave or lending a hand to someone.  I think there is a definite time when the conversation gets specific and “deep” about one’s faith, but those opportunities do not always present themselves.   My hope is we do share our faith, grow in the confidence it is worth sharing and grow in the assurance that every faith connection may not be heard or seen, but will be received. 


God, help me take time to reflect on all the good you have done for me, so I am prepared to share my faith story with others. Help me know when to go deep in sharing my faith, and when to simply aid, encourage or bring a little light into someone’s life. Amen.