Ministry Updates for Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

 Worship – October 11th, 9:30am Facebook Live, 11:00am In-Person

Please consider joining us in person. But please honor your own level of comfort given your understanding of the risks of the pandemic and your personal health.

 In-Person Worship Reservation for 11:00am Service

We need to have certain restrictions on our gathering for worship, including a reservation system. Most of the details you need will be on the form at this link The system will close at noon on Thursday. Please contact the church if you have any other questions regarding in-person worship.

 Flu Shots Tomorrow

On Thursday, October 8th, you can get a flu shot at the Fire Station (270 N. Elm St.) from 3pm to 7pm. This sponsored by the Farmersville Ministerium and the Rite Aid Pharmacy. Rite Aid can bill insurance for the vaccines.

 Scripture – Matthew 8:8-9

The centurion answered, “Lord, I am not worthy to have you come under my roof; but only speak the word, and my servant will be healed…”

 Reflection – How Close Does God Need to Be?

I have a few good, long-time friends who live out of town. While I wish they lived closer, it is good to know they are just a phone call away if I need to talk. But sometimes I forget about that phone.

 Sometimes God seems far away. In my experience I have felt this way when I was not trying to follow God’s lead, when I was not really looking for God or praying, and when I really did not believe in miracles. Was God far from me? Or was I far from a God?

 The centurion in this story (read the whole story in Matthew 8:5-13) told Jesus that Jesus did not have to make the trek all the way to his house. He believed Jesus could heal his ‘terribly distressed’ servant by just saying the word from right where he stood. Jesus said the word and we are told ‘the servant was healed in that hour’.

 Though the sun rises and sets on our patch of the earth, it provides warmth to our whole planet all day long. The warming and cooling cycles of the day provide variety, life, and beauty as the ascending sun burns through the morning mist.

 The sense of God in our life may ebb and flow, but the goodness of God is always at work in our life. We heal while we sleep and the sun warms the other side of the planet. And we work and recreate while the sun shines on our land. God is close, even when he seems far. The centurion knew that and was praised for his faith.


God our healer, Lord whose word restores our lives, Holy Spirit who moves in our midst, sometimes we forget how close you are. Today, help me offer my prayers to you; prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of joy, or prayers lament, or prayers of petition, in faith we believe you want to hear our heart. So Lord, let me continue in my prayer as I tell you what is on my heart today… Amen.