Ministry Updates for Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

 A Plea for Help from Valley View Schools

If there is anyone in your church who is willing to serve as a substitute teacher or a substitute aide, ALL four buildings (Primary, Intermediate, Jr Hi, and Hi School) are in need….and with the pandemic the need is exacerbated.  If they are interested (100/day for teacher sub….not sure rate for aide) they should contact the Board office (Terri Lewis) 855-6581.

 Scripture – Psalm 3:3

…you, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head.

 Reflection – God’s Protection

I remember seeing a roofer walking atop a very high roof. All of the other roofers were clipped onto a safety harness. This man was not. I said a prayer for him, that he would not stumble, because if he did, it could be death or paralysis. I believe in harnesses and prayer. And in fact, a safety harness may be an answer to prayer, too.

 In the United Methodist Church and in our local extension of it, we believe in both precautions and prayer. We believe in masks, social distancing and prayer. We hear of COVID outbreaks in churches taking no precautions. That is not us.

 I know that we have all read different things about this pandemic. And I know there are many different opinions about exactly what is safe. I have a few simple practices:

1.    Take steps to protect myself.

2.    Take steps to protect others.

3.    Do not judge the decisions of others. (This is hard)

4.    Pray for everyone

 Steps one and two are about protecting bodies. Step three is about protecting my soul. Step four is about God’s grace, who labors to protect the careful and the careless alike.

 I love this passage because the Psalmist does not ask for protection, he simply affirms that God is at work protecting him, like a shield.

 So next time you strap on a seatbelt, seek cover during a storm, or put on a mask, know that these too are a gift from God. But he goes beyond these measures, protecting your life and your soul not just in a car or a storm or a pandemic, but for eternity.


God who is our shield, we are thankful for the community of people who work to help protect us. For safety measures that cover us on the road, during a storm or in a pandemic, we give you thanks. Help us make wise use of these measures. And Lord, in a world where we know almost nothing is ever 100 percent safe, we are thankful to be comforted through prayer with you. We give you thanks that you hold our life, our eternity in your hands. Amen.