Ministry Updates for Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

 COVID-19 Re-Entry Challenge from West Ohio Conference

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) has asked The West Ohio Conference for assistance in providing hygiene items and face masks to our returning neighbors. If you would like to arrange a drop off at church, please call 937-696-2502. If you would like someone to pick up please contact Donna Thie. Please see attachment for more information!


Matthew 28:19 – Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

 Reflection – In Your Going

So, you are headed for the store, and someone in your household says, ‘Since you are going out anyway, could you (fill in the blank)’. Maybe you already have enough on your mind, and it is somewhat of an inconvenience. Or maybe you are happy to make an efficient use of your gas dollars and someone else’s time, which means you are a better person than I am.

 The Biblical Scholar and author Dr. Dwight Pryor said the word Jesus used above, ‘You go’ (the ‘you’ is implied), could just as easily be translated, ‘In your going’. In other words, Jesus told his followers, ‘Since you are going out anyway…’.

Such a perspective has always been helpful to me. It means whatever I think my main task of the day is; I have a more important task which is to ‘make disciples’, to reach another human being somehow, some way, with God’s love.

In my message on Sunday, I told a story about how I said a prayer for a stressed restaurant worker. I then let her know, on my way out, I had prayed for her. My main task seemed to be getting a meal. But because I had compassion for someone else, it is highly likely something more important happened.

 Our primary task is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. That begins with reaching people. Then we help them grow in faith. Then we use our authority (see yesterday’s Faith Connection) to commission them to go into the world to be a blessing.

 So, since you are going out anyway, let Jesus give you an errand. Is there someone you could do a ‘porch visit’ with? Could you double the dinner portions you make and take some to someone who is in need? Could you buy a few extra items at the grocery and pass them along to the local food pantry? Could you take time while you are driving, if you can do so safely, to reach out to someone who is alone in their home?

 You know, since you are going out anyway…


God who sent Jesus to create disciples, we remember that a disciple is someone who has discipline, that it is basically the same word. God you have given us much to do in this life. But you have also called us to connect with community and with people who might be in need. Help us have discipline, to take time today to reach out to someone who is along our way. And God, as we are called to make disciples, let us start with ourselves.  Amen.